Coders, an endangered species?

Search the research group Forrester's web site for 'low code' and you'll get over 1,500 hits, for a fairly typical news item on the same topic click here. It's the latest buzz phrase but how new is it? We've had RAD development and Agile development and now apparently 'low code' development. In reality it's the continuation of several trends identified in my book - the front-end/back-end split, the proliferation of APIs and the victory of the SOA architecture. Low code development is all about front end apps using APIs to access business critical services provided by back end applications. It has been pointed out repeatedly that most of those business critical services are written in traditional languages such as COBOL, even in BAL, and run on mainframes. While the phrase 'front-end app coder' is becoming an oxymoron back-end coders are not disappearing any time soon.



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