Where to get The Programmer's Odyssey

Review the Table of Contents and some sample pages.

Purchase A Copy Online Or In A Bookstore

The book is available through various online channels such as Amazon and Blurb etc. and physical bookstores via the Ingrams distribution network but it can also be purchased and delivered from this page.

Download A Copy As A PDF

As well as being readable with the Adobe PDF Reader the downloaded PDF file can be emailed to any Kindle device and read on it. 



PDF format     - PDF file - £6.99


Order A Printed Copy From Here


If you cannot find a printed copy elsewhere then you can order one from here. Note that the deluxe print, with many illustrations printed in colour, is only currently available from this site and Blurb.

​UK Delivery By Royal Mail

From our own stock room.

Worldwide Delivery By UPS

Regular print  - £11.99 Deluxe print - £14.99 

UPS shipping costs depend on the number ordered and the urgency of the delivery, they appear on the final checkout page. You can cancel the checkout process at that point if you wish to do so. Access international web sites via the 'Flags' drop-down menu in the order page header.