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Book Cover Is Fashion Sensation & Launches Geek-Chic Trend

When "The Programmer's Odyssey" was first published its front cover received a certain amount of attention from self proclaimed fashion experts deriding the "socks and sandals" look that the author favoured in his younger days. But as is so often the case yesterday's fashion experts have proved to be today's fashion victims as The Times proclaimed on 24/12/2016.

The Times article explained that "socks and sandals have become the unlikely look of the winter party season". The fact that they found it "unlikely" demonstrates just how out of touch the Times fashion team had become, as had the rest of the mainstream fashion industry. The Times pictured just some of the fashion icons featuring socks and sandals in what has now been christened the geek-chic look.

With A-listers like Demi Moore, Olivia Colman and Alesha Dixon validating the geek-chic look the style choice of our author as a young man is now being recognised as remarkably forward looking.

Olivia Colman is widely rumoured to have said "The book's content is of course a great read and I would recommend it to anyone but it pales into insignificance alongside the major fashion statement that the book's cover makes. It's simply inspired!".



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