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Brogrammers still exist, how depressing

There's an article in the FT about how 'brogrammers' and their ancient sexist culture is forcing women out of programming. It's deeply depressing and if you have a subscription to the FT check it out and see some appalling examples of today's brogrammers for yourself.

In my book when I mention my experience training as a programmer in 1972 I say ……

"My fellow trainee programmer at Jaycee Furniture who accompanied me on the course was female but this was to prove the exception not the rule over the course of my career. Since that day I have worked with a few female programmers but they remain rare to this day. It would no doubt take some serious sociological research to explain the reasons why this is the case but I imagine the usual depressing facts of gender discrimination have played a major role. It can be hard to believe sometimes that the first computer programmer was a woman."

But apparently no 'serious sociological research' is necessary since brogrammers are not extinct, they still walk amongst us today in 2018.



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